The right time for treatment

You may benefit from PROVENGE if:
Your cancer has progressed on androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)
Your testosterone level is less than or equal to 50 ng/dL
You have confirmed metastatic disease
You're not taking drugs for cancer-related pain
PROVENGE may be considered as your first-line treatment option if you have advanced prostate cancer.
You may benefit from PROVENGE, even if you don’t receive it as your first treatment option
Nationally recognized medical organizations recommend treatment with PROVENGE even if you have received other treatments for advanced prostate cancer.
In addition, although men with varying levels of PSA may benefit from PROVENGE, IMPACT, the trial that led to FDA approval of PROVENGE, suggests that men with a lower PSA level may benefit the most.a After treatment with PROVENGE, other options, such as radiotherapy, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy may still be available to you.
If you have prostate cancer that has not yet spread to other parts of your body but is no longer responding to hormone therapy, or if you have prostate cancer that has spread but is still responding to hormone therapy, ask your doctor why regular monitoring is important.
aAnalysis was exploratory and individual results may vary.
advanced prostate cancer treatment

Your PROVENGE journey starts here

The PROVENGE treatment process can be completed in about a month
The PROVENGE treatment process includes 3 personalized cycles using your own immune cells, activating them to empower your immune system. This process can be completed in 6 appointments over the course of about a month.
It is important to keep all of your scheduled appointments to avoid delaying your treatment.
monthly treatment for advanced prostate cancer
Cell collection
Day 1
Day 1 arrow
Step 1. Cell collection
What to expect:
Treatment begins at your local blood center with leukapheresis, a 2 to 4 hour cell collection process in which your blood is passed through a machine that extracts a small amount of your immune cells, along with some platelets and red blood cells. The remainder of the blood is returned to your body.
You may experience chills, fatigue, or slight tingling in your hands and feet, while the cells are being collected.
Prior to beginning treatment, a vein assessment will be conducted to determine whether an additional procedure is required to complete the cell collection process.
How to prepare:
Stay hydrated by drinking more water in the days leading up to your appointment
Avoid caffeinated beverages on the day of your appointment
Eat calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products and dark leafy greens, or take supplements
Eat a hearty meal within 4 hours of your appointment
Wear loose-fitting clothes, with sleeves that can be raised above the elbow
Bring a current photo ID
Consider arranging transportation to and from the procedure
Day 3 or 4
Step 2: PROVENGE infusion
What to expect:
The infusion of PROVENGE will take place at your healthcare provider’s office or infusion center. The process takes about 1 hour, followed by 30 minutes of post-infusion monitoring.
How to prepare:
Wear loose-fitting clothes, with sleeves that can be raised above the elbow
Bring a current photo ID

Cell collection

PROVENGE infusion

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You will receive a Patient Care Kit with items to make your upcoming appointments as comfortable as possible. The kit also provides you with helpful reminders of what you need to do—for example, it's important to keep your scheduled appointments in order to prevent delays in your treatment.
PROVENGE care kit

Where can I find support?

For community support, financial assistance, and more, download this list.
You’ll find information for men with prostate cancer and resources for caregivers as well.
advanced prostate cancer support list

PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) is a prescription medicine used to treat certain men with advanced prostate cancer. PROVENGE is an established cellular immunotherapy and is customized to each individual by using his own immune cells.


Before receiving PROVENGE®, tell your doctor about any medical conditions, including heart or lung problems, or if you have had a stroke.