Financial support

PROVENGE is covered by Medicare and by most private insurance plans. For men receiving PROVENGE, 90% of Medicare fee-for-service members have a supplement and are expected to have minimal or no out-of-pocket costs; 85% of out-of-pocket costs are less than $50.

Travel assistance programs may be available to those who qualify.

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Our commitment to our patients

Dendreon, the makers of PROVENGE, is committed to the fight against cancer.

Our patients aren’t giving up and neither will we, as we aim to extend patient life. Our commitment to patients, families, and the physicians who treat them, drives all that we do.

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PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) is a prescription medicine used to treat certain men with advanced prostate cancer. PROVENGE is an established cellular immunotherapy and is customized to each individual by using his own immune cells.


Before receiving PROVENGE®, tell your doctor about any medical conditions, including heart or lung problems, or if you have had a stroke.